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About me

I'm a product manager who specializes in data science to solve complex problems for people.

I write speculative fiction, like "The Time Donor" and "The Lemon-Lime Lady."

I make informative web tools, like Highpoint Guide, Product Field Guide, and Bodyweight Fit.

I enjoy outdoor adventures, especially in the mountains, and have a goal to summit the highest point in all 50 United States.

I'm from Michigan and still bear the markings of a Midwesterner: polite, nasally, with a tendency to discuss the weather.

I'm 5'9" with a medium build and have no tattoos, piercings, or interesting hair, and probably remind you of someone else.

Among the Big Five personality traits, I am

  • Slightly more introverted than extroverted
  • Highly conscientious and obsessively organized
  • Pretty agreeable
  • Highly neurotic and moody
  • Moderately open to new experiences

Some other things about me

  • I love long, meandering walks and conversations
  • I like the snow, cold, and dark nights of winter
  • I'm frugal and wear shoes even after they get holes in them
  • I laugh easily and uncontrollably at silly things
  • I donate blood each quarter
  • I'm a night owl but wish I was a morning bird
  • I film one-second daily videos that I share each year
  • I can unicycle and juggle, but I'm more skilled at the former

I'm on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

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